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GEO Virtual Symposium 2022, which will be held from 2-5 May.

  • Date: 2022-5-2 09:30 - 2022-5-5 17:30
  • Location Online Event


From Global Action to Local Impact: How Do We Do That?  Impact terminology - please download this fine for the Terminology


Engagement: The interaction between GWP activity members and stakeholders, for the mutual beneficial transfer of knowledge, technologies or resources.

End-users: An individual, community or organisation external to the GWP activity that will directly use or directly benefit from output, outcome or results of the activity.

Productive interactions: Exchange between the GWP activity with other stakeholders in which knowledge is generated and valued that is societally relevant. Examples of productive interactions are: stakeholder engagement, designing products, services or capacity development activities together with possible beneficiaries or end-users (co-design), discussing the results of CD interactively (co-creation), participation in networks & consortia, joint publications, interaction with public, exhibitions.

Results chain or impact pathway:

Result/outcomes:  Relate to the changes in behaviour, relationships, actions and activities of stakeholders in the business and policy environment, resulting from the exchange of knowledge and the uptake of activity outputs (deliverables). 

Societal impact or desired change: Represents the changes in people’s lives and the conditions and relationships in society that we wish to see occurring in the years to come and to contribute to by our actions.

Academic or research impact: Cultural, economic, industrial, ecological and/or social changes resulting wholly or partly from knowledge and skills generated by research. These changes usually occur after the research has been conducted. 


Dear colleagues, 

We invite you to attend the GEO Virtual Symposium 2022, which will be held from 2-5 May.

The symposium theme is Global Action for Local Impact, and the event will focus on supporting the development of the 2023-2025 GEO Work Programme (GWP).

The Nexus Sessions will engage GWP activities to contribute to integrative EO-based solutions for selected regions facing environmental and societal issues.

Other sessions will:

  • Share good practice and lessons learned in areas, such as user engagement, capacity development, equality, diversity and inclusion, open knowledge, and impact planning;
  • Discuss the findings of the Foundational Task Working Groups surveys of GWP activities and their role in building linkages with the United Nations and other international organizations and supporting GEO’s engagement priorities; and
  • Consult the GWP community regarding the work of the Expert Advisory Group on GEOSS while understanding the current state and future efforts relating to Earth observation capabilities.

Please mark the event in your calendar. More information on registration and attendance will be provided in the coming weeks. 

With kind regards, 


The GEO Secretariat