Polar Data and Systems Architecture Workshop https://arcticdc.org/meetings/conferences/polar-data-architecture-workshop?start=2

  • Date: 2018-11-28 16:45
  • Location Geneva, Switzerland (Map)

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Geneva, Switzerland: More than forty experts from the polar data community participated in the Polar Data and Systems Architecture Workshop (https://arcticdc.org/meetings/conferences/polardata-architecture-workshop) to develop organizational level strategies and high-level technical designs to enhance data sharing between and among Arctic and Antarctic data stewards and repositories. 

Picture: Workshop participants met the the headquarters of the World Meterological Organization in Geneva. 

Representatives from seventeen nations assembled at the headquarters of the World Meteorological Organization to engage in discussion and collaborative workshop activities. The workshop was co-convened by the Arctic Data Committee, the Southern Ocean Observing System , and the Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management, in part as a contribution to the Group on Earth Observation’s (GEO) Cold Regions Initiative.

 More than 20 polar data organizations worked together to develop the agenda, building on recent working meetings including the Polar Data Planning Summit1 work activities focused on both data infrastructure- and systems-level coordination and architecture design (see text box “Data Infrastructure and Systems” for details). This draft, summary report provides a high level overview of workshop discussions and preliminary results. A full report will be distributed early in 2019. 

The report can be checked via: https://arcticdc.org/images/download/PDSAW_preliminary_report_Draft_15Dec2018.pdf

Presentation: GEOCRI – GEO Cold Regions Initiative, Yubao Qiu, Peter Pulsifer, presented by Peter Pulsifer