22 Feb
2023-2025 GEO Work Programme - Call for Implementation Plans

Website: https://www.earthobservations.org/geoss_wp_23_25.php

Dear members of the GEO community,  

The GEO Programme Board and the GEO Secretariat invite proposals for new GEO Work Programme (GWP) Pilot Initiatives as part of the development of the 2023-2025 GWP.   

GEO welcomes participation from anyone with an interest in applying Earth observations to real-world problems, either by joining an existing GEO activity or by proposing a new activity in the GWP. To develop innovative solutions to our most pressing problems, we need a diversity of perspectives. The GWP provides a framework for countries, international organizations, the private sector, researchers, and others to work together to harness the power of Earth observations to address environmental and societal challenges. GWP activities have developed several Earth observation-based tools that are having significant impacts in many parts of the world. Some examples of these impacts include preventing famine, providing hazard warnings such as floods and wildfires, and supporting action on biodiversity, climate, and sustainable urbanization. GEO fulfils its mission by promoting open access and sharing of data, information, and knowledge to ensure that the benefits of Earth observations are available to all.  

Pilot Initiatives are the new entry category for GWP activities. They are intended for early-stage initiatives that aim to develop open, re-usable solutions for applying Earth observations (which may include instruments on land, in the air and in the sea, to human observations, to satellite-based sensors) to address demonstrated needs on a regional or global scale. As for other GWP activities, Pilot Initiatives must include contributions from at least two GEO Members or Participating Organizations (POs) and must be open to participation by any GEO Member, PO, or GEO Associate. Additional details on the requirements and process may be found at this website.  

Those interested in preparing a proposal for a Pilot Initiative are requested to contact the GWP team in the GEO Secretariat at GEO-WP@geosec.org. Any questions or comments may also be directed to this address.  Please note that existing GWP activities are being contacted directly regarding the process for updating their Implementation Plans.   

Kind regards, The GEO Secretariat 


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