29 Oct
GEO Plenary Side Event : GEO Cold Regions in Japan

Mon 29 October from 13:30 to 15:30  in Room C1

Recording: Watch here!

This side event introduces the current works of GEO Cold Regions Initiative for 2017-2019 This initiative has the geographic coverages are Arctic, Antarctic, high-latitude oceans, and Himalaya-third pole and high-mountain areas. This side introduces also coordination of observation for Arctic and Antarctic, and international /national projects.


13:30-13:50: GEOCRI idea, plan and current activities (Introduction) (Hiroyuki Enomoto, NIPR/Hannele Savela, University of Oulu/Yubao Qiu, RADI)

13:50-14:10: On the current activities of SAON and the IASC-SAON Arctic Data Committee (Peter Pulsifer, Univ. Colorado, by telepresentation)

14:10-14:30: IEEE North South Pole Initiatives (Siri-Jodha Singh KHALSA, Univ. Colorado)

14:30-14:50: Arctic Data archiving system/contribution to GEO (Hironori Yabuki, NIPR Japan)

14:50-15:10: Enabling Access to Arctic Location Based Information - the Arctic SDI (Heli Ursin, National Land Survey of Finland)

15:10-15:30: Other activities and Discussion

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