WA-01-C3 at GEO 2012-2015 WORK PLAN

GEO 2012-2015 WORK PLAN

17 December 2012

THE 2012-2015 WORK PLAN 

The 2012-2015 Work Plan reflects the conclusions of the GEO Plenary (VII and VIII), Beijing Ministerial Declaration, and Mid-Term, Second, and Third Evaluations of GEOSS. It is structured to build a user-driven GEOSS and therefore engage users, especially those in developing countries.

WA-01-C3 : Information Service for Cold Regions

Leads Canada (University of Waterloo, ells@uwaterloo.ca), China (BNU), Spain (CSIC) and United States (NOAA)

 Priority Actions 

  • Archive, manage, and provide access to in-situ and remotely-sensed metadata and data sets for monitoring frozen ground, glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice, and snow, through appropriate national, regional and global systems and centres (see also EC-01).
  •  Archive, manage, and provide access to in-situ and remotely sensed data sets and associated metadata for monitoring cold regions through appropriate national, regional, and global systems and centres for: (i) frozen ground, glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice, and snow; (ii) biodiversity, ecosystem productivity and human-environment interactions, including use of community-based monitoring (see also EC-01 and BI-01); (iii) ocean, atmosphere, and land surface structure, composition, and processes (see also IN-02 and SB-01).
  • Build a polar data catalogue through integrated observation and modelling data from the broad range of “International Polar Year” research activities.
  • Support the development of sustained and coordinated pan‐Arctic observing and data sharing systems that serve societal needs. Improve the networking among existing observing systems and sites to create pan‐Arctic observing networks. Promote the implementation of the SAON project (Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks; see IN-01).
  • As a component of the Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW) portal, establish a Cryosphere Constellation of Portals by linking existing and proposed portals of cryospheric information, such as the Polar Data Catalogue (Canada), National Snow and Ice Data Centre and SAON (USA), and Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no). Link this Cryosphere Constellation of Portals through WIS/GEOSS interoperability standards.

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